Christ-centered Music Education

The Stevens Street School of Performing Arts opened in August 2005 and exists to help create Christian artists who love to serve the church. We believe Christians have something unique to say about music. Music isn’t just an accident that happened to humans; it’s a gift given to us by God. Enjoying the gift (music) is one way we can glorify the Giver of that gift (God).

We believe that music is also meant to be shared and used to serve others. Our students are purposely taught in a way to help them look outward and serve in local church ministry. We want to help equip the next generation of church worship leaders, teaching them to thinking Biblically and develop the skills to lead humbly with musical excellence.

April Langford

School of Performing Arts Administrator

The School of Performing Arts currently offers private music lessons for students of all ages on all woodwind, brass, and orchestral string instruments, as well as piano, voice, bass, and guitar.  Tuition for 30 minute lessons is $75 per month.  We also offer 20 minute, 45 minute, and 60 minute lessons, and we have discounts for families with multiple students.  For questions about our programming or to enroll, please contact our Administrator, April Langford. She can be reached at (931) 525-3799 or by email. The office opens at 1:00pm Monday - Thursday.

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377 Short Street, Cookeville, TN
Office phone: (931) 525-3799
Office hours: M-T, 1:00-6:00pm

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does the School of Performing Arts close for the summer?

We firmly believe the pursuit of musical excellence requires consistent practice. To encourage this, we remain open during the summer months. We do close during the first week of July.

How is the tuition amount determined?

Our tuition is based on 46 teaching weeks and is billed monthly. 

Is the monthly tuition the same regardless of how many lessons are in the month?

Yes. Because tuition is based on an annual number of lessons, the amount is evenly divided among 12 months. The only exception is when the student has excused absences.

When is an absence considered excused?

We ask for at least 24 hours notice for planned absences. When a student is sick, we ask for the parent to call as soon as you know you will miss your lesson. If no communication is received prior to the lesson time, the absence will be considered unexcused and the teacher will be paid for their time. 

Are recitals required?

Recitals are not mandatory, but are strongly encouraged. Preparing for a recital, learning performance etiquette, and sharing our gifts with others is an important part of becoming a musician!

Do I need my own instrument?

Yes. Students are required to practice on their own at home between lessons. Our staff can provide guidance if you are unsure about how to acquire an instrument or what kind you should get. 

Suggested retailers:

Williams Fine Violins 

Nashville Band Room Repair

Can I try different instruments if I am undecided about what I want to study?

We encourage students to commit to three months with one instrument/teacher upfront. This will allow time for the “new” to wear off and for the first real challenge to be presented and overcome. That being said, all of our teachers are invested first and foremost in the student, not the instrument. Our staff will work with you to find the best fit.

Are there age limitations?

We will accept students as young as four for general music, violin, and occasionally piano. Other instruments have varied minimum age requirements. There is no maximum age limitation.

What is the benefit of going to a School of Performing Arts?

There are numerous benefits to taking lessons in a school setting versus private lessons within the home. When a student walks the halls of the School of Performing Arts, he sees and hears musicians of all ages and ability levels. Our students have the opportunity to perform on recitals alongside their peers, gaining confidence in performance. Our school office also handles administrative tasks (payment, scheduling, etc.) so your teacher can focus on what they do best--teaching.

How is SPA affiliated with Stevens Street Baptist Church?

The Stevens Street School of Performing Arts is a ministry of Stevens Street Baptist Church and aligns with the church’s overall mission, values, and statement of beliefs. More information can about what we believe can be found at