Life Group Relocations

The new locations for relocated Life Groups are listed here. If you have any questions feel free to contact Tommy at

Building H at 9am:

H101 - Outnumbered

H102 - Building Believers

H103 - Get Real


Building H at 10:30am:

H101 - God’s Servants

H103 - Stronghold

Main Building at 9am:

C101 -Soul Harvesters

Main Building at 10:30am:

C101 - Ladies Friendship

A101 - Women of Joy

C115 - Faithful Few

Care Center at 10:30am:

Care Center Group

Building G at 9am:

G113 - 2B1

G114 - Faith Builders

G115 - Everyday Mission

G116 - Willing Servants

G118 - Young Families

G119 - Pennebaker Life Group

G120 - The Journey

Building G at 10:30am:

G113 - Different on Purpose

G114 - Jesus is the Answer

G115 - Climbing the Mountain

G116 - Hanna Life Group

G117 - To Know Him

G118 - SALT

G119 - Openly Seeking

G120 - For Him

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