School of Performing Arts

 The Stevens Street School of Performing Arts opened in August 2005, with the purpose of
providing individualized, Christ-centered musical instruction that will develop our students both spiritually and mentally. We believe that the Church should embrace its Biblical mandate to teach and disciple through the arts, and we are committed to raising generations of worshipers who will use their talents to glorify God as part of the Body of Christ.
The School of Performing Arts currently offers private music lessons for students of all ages on all woodwind, brass, and orchestral string instruments, as well as piano, voice, bass, and guitar. We also offer Kindermusik classes for children from newborns through age 5.
For questions about our programming or to enroll, please contact our Administrator, April Langford. She can be reached at 931-525-3799, or via e-mail 
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Guiding Principles
1. We desire to attract instructors with the highest qualities of musicianship, character, and spiritual maturity.
2. We believe that music has intrinsic value because it allows for the creation of art that is true, beautiful, and good; characteristics that reflect the nature of the Creator God who has designed music to bring Him glory.
3. We believe in a holistic approach to learning an instrument, which includes note reading, music listening, playing characteristically in a variety of styles, and adhering to accepted standards of concert etiquette.
4. We seek to encourage our students to make music in community through the development of various ensembles and classes.