Mission Partners

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Blue Bucket Mission!

Check out our mission trips here and here, if you have any questions please contact Rick Lowhorn at . Below briefly explains some of our mission partners locally, nationally, and internationally. 

If you need financial assistance for mission trips please fill out online form here or print off here and return to Rick Lowhorn. 

Local Missions:

  • Lighthouse Christian Camp is probably one of the closest mission partners of the church. Ben and Ermeda Chapman are members of SSBC and are the founders and operators of the camp along with an awesome team of people. The camp is a major gospel outreach to the needy children in the middle Tennessee area. There are things that can be done year round at the camp but most of the work is during the summer camps. Volunteers are needed to financially support a child but to also to work in various ways at the camps. SSBC also helps the camp with a monthly financial gift. Learn more about them here.
  • Cookeville Rescue Mission gives major assistant both with physical needs and spiritual needs. In many ways it is the only place in the Cookeville area for many of the homeless to go for help. Each year our contribution to the Rescue Mission is achieved through our church members volunteering to work the bell ringing donation collection locations at participating local businesses. SSBC volunteers, under the oversight of the SSBC Mission Team and the Cookeville Rescue Mission, typically works all the participating businesses for one Saturday during the Christmas season. All donations go to the Cookeville Rescue Mission. Learn more about them here.
  • Cedar Lake Camp has as one of its directors Jared Marsh. Jared and his wife Megan are members of SSBC. SSBC assist the camp with a monthly financial gift, but also encourages people to volunteer to help at the camp. Learn more about them here.
  • Baptist Collegiate Ministry - A student ministry on Tennessee Technological University's campus. Check out their website here.
  • Fellowship of Christian Athletes - A student ministry. Learn about their ministry here.
  • Young Life - A student ministry. Learn more about their ministry here.
  • Cookeville Pregnancy Clinic - Learn more about their ministry here.
  • Heart of the Cumberland - Learn more about their ministry here.

National Missions:

  • New City Church (New York City) - New City Church is a new church plant of the North American Mission Board SEND project. Christy Dyer was a member of SSBC who became a part of this church plant and as a result of her connection SSBC now supports New City Church with a financially gift each month and with mission groups. This is inter city mission work. Learn more about their church here.
  • Portland, Oregon Remedy Church - Remedy Church is a new church plant of the North American Mission Board SEND project. Josh Carter is the pastor of the church. SSBC has members who knew Josh and this relationship was the seed through which Remedy became one of our mission partners. We support Remedy with a monthly financial gift and by sending mission teams to help with the work. This is inter city mission work involving mostly helping the church become connected to the people in the city. Learn more about their church here.

International Missions:

  • PIMI: Partners in Missions International - PIMI was started by Dr. Bob Ward and his wife Yvonne. Dr. Ward is now in heaven with his Lord. Dr. Wards understudy for years, Elijah Morar, is now the directing president of the ministry. PIMI conducts on-going mission efforts in Romania. These efforts are mostly centered around evangelical church planting and discipleship training. Teams that go to Romania include opportunities of service in evangelism, teaching, preaching, service ministries, back yard Bible clubs, and medical clinics. For more information on PIMI go to here.
  • Ron and Karen Cockerham (Haiti) -  The Cockerhams are members of SSBC who felt the hand of God moving them to Haiti around 5 years ago to work with Pastor Andy Cilios in ministering to orphans in Port de Paix, Haiti. They have recently started a ministry that is an extension of the orphanage helping the children transition out of the orphanage into a self sustained life. Groups still go down to work with Pastor Andy in the orphanage and church plants but now work also with the Cockerhams in their new ministry. Learn more about the work and needs of the Cockerhams by going here.
  • Love Alive in Rwanda - Laura Yockey, a member of SSBC, was called of God to minister to the lost in Rwanda. Her mission effort is called Love Alive. Laura has developed ways of reaching the people of Rwanda through service ministries that help them in their personal lives. She has a strong ministry to children and ladies. Teams going to Rwanda have been partnering with another Cookeville church. Learn more about them here.

Church Plants:

  • Out of Love Ministries - Stevens Street Baptist Church was led in 2016 to participate in a church plant directed by Pastor Kewon Foster. This church plant is part of the Send America of the North American Mission Board. The work is in Atlanta, GA. and is called Out of Love Ministries.   SSBC is the sending church of Pastor Kewon and is committed to this work both in prayer, going to assist, and financially supporting the work. It is the desire of SSBC that Out of Love Ministries be a starting place for future church plants from of SSBC. More information on Out of Love Ministries can be found here.