As college students, we are the next generation of doctors, teachers, social workers, lawyers, and whatever else we may aspire to be. As followers of Jesus Christ, we are called to be the church in the vocation that we choose to work in one day. This means that we are to take the great commission into the workplace. God has called his people to make disciples for the building up of His church, and most importantly, the glorification of His name.

At Stevens Street, students will be challenged to not just attend a worship service but will also be encouraged to join a LifeGroup. LifeGroups at Stevens Street are led by men and women that are passionate about pouring into young people and raising up the next generation. Every Sunday a different LifeGroup serves the college students a free lunch. This lunch is a picture of God's grace and is a sweet time of prayer and fellowship. After getting connected to the church on a deeper level, students will be challenged to serve in one of the various ministries at Stevens Street. There are opportunities to serve with children, youth, greeting, the care center, and the worship ministry. 

Students will not only be challenged to live a sent life while in school, but Stevens Street will challenge students to be sent upon graduating. College is not just about the student's future, but rather it is also about how God can use the student's future to glorify His name in the workplace somewhere in the world. If we claim to be followers of Jesus Christ, then our heart should yearn to share the hope that is found in Him. God has called us to make disciples until he has returned, and we hold discipleship high in five main areas highlighted in scripture:

     -Bible Study - 2 Timothy 3:16

     -Prayer - Matthew 6:9-13

     -Fellowship - Hebrews 10:24-25

     -Worship - Matthew 22:37-39

     -Sharing the Gospel - Matthew 4:19

Students will have the opportunity to grow and be trained in each of these areas at Stevens Street. Stevens Street also partners with the Tennessee Tech's Baptist Collegiate Ministry (BCM), and we as the church strive to ensure that students are taught in each of these areas. Above all of this, we believe a student must have a heart that has been transformed by the Holy Spirit. Discipleship training, coupled with a heart that delights in the Lord, will result in biblical maturity. 

College Director: Jackson Chambers,